Car Battery Service & Replacement

Our car battery service at SF Tebby & Son can supply and fit batteries for any make and model of vehicle.

Before we replace your battery, we will perform a range of tests to make sure that the battery is actually faulty and there isn’t a secondary problem. In some instances, there can be a problem with the charging system or a drain on the battery. All of our work is quality assured and guaranteed.

If you are having problems with your battery, contact us now on 0117 973 0055 to make an appointment.

Car battery maintenance

Most modern car batteries do not require any maintenance, although taking your car on a longer drive every once in a while can help to preserve the battery life.  It’s also important to avoid leaving electrical items such as internal or external lights, or a radio, on for long amounts of time when the engine is off.

“I have always been really pleased by their friendly professional service”

Jo Darlington

A regular car battery service or check can avoid breakdown at an inconvenient time. For more information or to make a booking please contact one of our advisors on 0117 9730055.
Alternatively, please click here to e-mail us.