Car Brake Repair | Brake Discs and Pads

At S F Tebby & Son we offer a full car brake inspection and repair service for your car. We evaluate the condition of your brakes, and repair or replace any parts if necessary, keeping you safe and avoiding costly repair bills in the future.

We supply and fit brakes to all makes and models of vehicles, with all work being quality assured and guaranteed. If you think you need new brakes, or simply want them checked, call us on 0117 973 0055 or book online now.

Do you need your car brakes repaired?

If you think your brakes need attention, you should never put it off. Instead, get a car brake check completed straight away. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Your brakes squeak or make grinding noises
  • Your brakes judder
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side when breaking
  • Your brakes have lost efficiency
  • There is excessive fade on the brake pedal
  • Upon braking, rear wheels lock
  • A brake or ABS dashboard warning light

If you’re experiencing any of these, call us today on 0117 973 0055 to have your brakes checked.

Understanding car brakes

We all know that depressing the brake pedal causes a car to stop. This occurs through a process where the master cylinder pushes brake fluid through pipes to hydraulic pistons, which then apply friction to the wheels through a braking system. There are many component parts involved in the braking system which are all checked when we do a car brake service or repair:

Discs: A disc brake system is made up of discs, callipers and brake pads. Pistons compress brake pads onto the rotating brake discs.

Drums: Brake drums are made up of hydraulic wheel cylinders, brake shoes and brake drums. When the hydraulic system is initiated brake cylinders push the brake shoes against the inside surface of the rotating brake drum.

Anti-lock braking system: An ABS system works in conjunction with normal braking systems and is made up of speed sensors, controllers, valves and a pump. It allows maximum stopping force to be applied while preventing the wheels from locking up.

Parking brake: The parking or hand brake is a mechanism that is applied to prevent the car from rolling along while parked. It activates braking components at the rear of the vehicle’s braking system through a set of cables.

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Mark FitzGerald

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is used in hydraulic brake systems to apply force to the brakes. The correct type and level of brake fluid is therefore essential to the safety of your vehicle. Brake fluid is usually changed every two years, in conjunction with your regular service and in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

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