Clutch Troubleshooting in Bristol

We offer clutch troubleshooting and adjustment at our Bristol workshop to quickly detect and resolve any issues with your clutch. Every time you use your clutch, you cause gradual wear and tear, so acting quickly can prevent bigger, more expensive problems later on.

We can supply and fit clutches to all makes and models of vehicle and all our work is quality assured and guaranteed. We only ever use high quality clutch replacement kits in our workshop.

If you’re experiencing a clutch slip or clutch judder, our skilled technicians will quickly find the problem and let you know if any work needs to be carried out.¬†Why not contact us today on 0117 973 0055 to book your car in?

Clutch Troubleshooting

If you’re ever in doubt about your clutch, simply call us on 0117 973 0055 so we can inspect your vehicle and make any recommendations. There are common signs that may indicate your clutch needs attention, so watch out for:

  • Clutch slip, where the engine revs without an increase in vehicle speed
  • Problems changing gear
  • Gears don’t engage, or are difficult to engage
  • Clutch judder where the vehicle judders or snatches when pulling away
  • A burning smell

“Fast and friendly service with expert advice and always the personal touch, and just round the corner from my home instead of on the outskirts of the city.”

Ronald Hutton

About the clutch

The function of the clutch is to allow the transfer of power from the engine to the transmission and drive wheels. The components of the clutch include the flywheel, centre clutch plate, the pressure plate and the release bearing.

When your clutch is in good order, you will enjoy a smooth and pleasant drive, but a worn clutch can mean poor fuel economy and a rough ride. Clutch problems can occur at almost any mileage and for a wide variety of reasons.

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