Car Suspension and Steering

Car suspension and steering systems allow the wheels of a vehicle to function independently, yet remain stable. If there is a problem with your steering or suspension, not only will the quality of your drive be compromised, but it could also affect your vehicle’s safety.

We can diagnose and repair all kinds of problems associated with steering and car suspension. We only use high quality parts and all work is quality assured and tested. If you are concerned about your steering or suspension, call us today on 0117 973 0055 or book online.

If your car is not performing or handling as it used to or hearing a creaking or knocking noise, you could have a problem with your suspension or steering. Having these kinds of problems seen to sooner rather than later can save you money and time in the long run.

Car steering systems

A steering system is made up of the steering wheel, the steering rack, track rod ends and the steering arms. These components work together to allow the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle in a smooth and precise fashion.

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Car suspension systems

Car suspension systems work to maximise the contact between car tyres and the road surface. This allows for a smooth drive, as well as increasing your vehicle’s safety. A car suspension system is made up of several components including anti-roll bars, suspension arms, shock absorbers and coil springs.

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