Steering Wheel Alignment and Tracking

Steering wheel alignment allows your vehicle excellent traction, cornering and control over the road. Good alignment will mean a pleasant driving experience and increased safety. However, wheel alignment can often be compromised.

Simple things, like driving over potholes or knocking curbs can easily lead to misalignment. You may feel as if your car is pulling to one side or notice a tyre’s tread wearing unevenly. These problems can easily be rectified with a quick wheel alignment check.

At S F Tebby & Son we use four-wheel laser alignment technology to ensure precise adjustments to your steering alignment.

If you think you need your car’s wheel alignment checking, call our friendly team now on 0117 973 0055 or book online.

“I know nothing about cars and whenever I have a problem with my Volkswagen Polo I call on S F Tebby & Son to sort it out, which they invariably do. “Leave it with us” and my worries are dealt with that day. I am grateful to them for their work and their reassurance and reliability.”

Brenda Lalonde

Signs you may need wheel alignment

Problems with steering wheel alignment can occur because of an accident or simply due to the wear caused by regular driving. Some signs that you may need wheel alignment include:

  • Steering wheel does not sit straight
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while driving
  • Tyres wearing out quickly, or unevenly
  • Vibrations are felt through the steering wheel

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